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Welcome to my Insect Images website. These images will compliment my other sites, which can be visited on the links above.

The images have been taken on either a Canon EOS 30D or 40D SLR with a Canon 100 mm USM macro lens. The images were captured in handheld mode. The use of a mono or tripod is not always possible and sometimes it may be necessary to take a quick shot before the subject is disturbed.

This fairly lightweight combination and a fast enough shutter speed, allows hand held shots to be taken; however do not compromise the depth of field, which is essential in this genre of photography. A happy medium should be used for the best results.

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My main photographic subjects are dragonflies and damselflies; however whilst in the field I often come across other interesting members of the insect world and I cannot pass up the opportunity to capture their images, I hope you enjoy browsing.

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